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Shot! Warrior Kapene Soft Tip Dart Set

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Kapene pays homage to Tawhirimatea, the wind God. It’s embellished with a Takarangi (double spiral) pattern entwined with Celtic knots, to represent the physical and spiritual worlds and the multi-cultural diversity of the darts community. The Kapene is a very agile dart, center balanced and 90% tungsten, with grip featured along the entire barrel. Dart players can find positive finger placement at any point. A slight front scallop follows the smooth ring grip nose; then flows on to a telescopic-like wide shark grip. A more extensive scallop is featured at the rear of the dart. The decorative Cinder Grip has been laser applied and adds a layer of superfine traction which aids a controlled throw.


Flights may vary

Barrel 90% Tungsten
Flights Custom Kapene 100 micron shape flights
Shafts Tao Carbon Shafts
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