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Garlando G-5000 Wenge Foosball Table

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The G-5000 Wenge Foosball Table by Garlando is a top of the line non-coin operated model. Constructed with high quality materials to ensure years of competitive play. The table has 1 1/2- inch thick cabinet walls with a plastic laminate finish to keep the finish looking great for years. The playing field is a plastic laminate with green background and white lines to look like a soccer field. 1 1/2 - inch thick, lacquered beech wood legs are slanted to provide great stability. Telescoping rods are made of 2/3” diameter stress resistant steel with an anti-rust chromium-plating. Steel roller bearings improve game speed while reducing wrist stress. Grey and brown players are made of unbreakable plastic that are molded onto the bars. Professional plastic handles with wooden inserts are designed to reduce perspiration and improve grip. Other features include inside goals coated with felt material to reduce noise and prevent ball chipping and bouncing off, easy quick ball retrieval through returns on both sides of the cabinet, and leg levelers to provide a perfectly flat playing field. Includes 10 standard white balls.

Width with solid rods 47" W
Indoor Indoor
Height with leg levelers fully down 35" H
Playfield Plastic laminate playfield with green background and white lines looks like a soccer field
Width with telescopic rods 43" W
Height with leg levelers fully up 36" H
Dimensions 59" L x 30" W
Assembly Assembly required
Shipping Freight Shipping
Players Unbreakable plastic players are molded to the bars
Construction 1.5 inch cabinet walls, 1.5 inch thick slanted legs provide stability
Accessories Comes with 10 white standard balls
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