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America’s leading innovator of darts and gaming products, GLD creates products that do not disappoint. Whether it’s an expert or a novice they provide enthusiast with everything they need.

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GLD Aluminum Shafts

$1.60 msrp $1.99 Save 19%

These Aluminum Dart Shafts are available in standard silver or 3 different colors. They are also available in different lengths. The most common length is the...

GLD 2BA Tufflex Tips III

$2.99 msrp $3.99 Save 25%

The Tufflex III Tips have an extended reinforced area that extends further down the tip. They are available in bright neon colors that help when confirming your scoring. They are sold in bags of 50.

GLD Color Master Aluminum Shafts

$1.51 msrp $2.64 Save 42%

The Color Master Aluminum Shafts have multiple grooves along the center that add grip and a bit of style over standard aluminum...

GLD 2BA Tufflex Tips S.S.

$1.89 msrp $2.59 Save 27%

The 2BA Tufflex S.S. Tips are shorter than standard tips. They have the same diameter at the point as the standard length 2BA Tips but they...

GLD Aluminum Deflectors

$4.95 msrp $6.45 Save 23%

These Deflectors fit in the center on the back end of your dart flights. They are shaped to help deflect an incoming dart just slightly so it will still hit the target. Sold in 5 sets of 3

GLD Spinster Aluminum Shafts

$4.20 msrp $4.99 Save 15%

The Spinster Aluminum shafts minimize deflection of incoming darts by allowing the flight to spin out of the way when contacted...

GLD 2BA Tufflex Tips II

$2.13 msrp $2.79 Save 23%

The Tufflex II 2BA tips have a reinforced base for super strenth and directional stability. These are available in bags of 50 in 3 different colors, Black, Blue, or Red.

GLD Viper Aluminum Shafts

$2.90 msrp $3.49 Save 16%

The Viper Aluminum shafts have high-tec vertical grooves in the center. These shafts are really sharp looking at a great price. Available in...

GLD Tufflex Tips II 1/4 Inch

$1.80 msrp $2.29 Save 21%

These 1/4 Inch Tufflex Tips II are the large thread replacement tips in a bag of 50 tips. They have a reinforced thicker base for directional strength and durability.

GLD Steel Tip Converter Points

$1.87 msrp $2.19 Save 14%

These steel tip converter points allow your soft tip darts to become steel tip darts. The 2BA threads right in to the barrel of your soft tip darts. These...

GLD Nylon Shafts

$0.79 msrp $0.99 Save 20%

These nylon shafts are available in 3 lengths, x-short, short and medium. They come in black or white and are sold in sets of 3.

GLD Dart Mechanic

$0.99 msrp $1.29 Save 23%

The Dart Mechanic is a must for every dart player. This simple compact tool will tighten tips and metal shafts. It also spreads metal shafts for easy...

GLD Soft Tip Add-A-Gram

$1.29 msrp $1.69 Save 23%

These Add-A-Gram screw in weights are an easy way to add weight to your soft tip darts. Just screw in to your existing barrel and...

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GLD Steel Wire Shafts

$4.01 msrp $4.89 Save 17%

These solid steel shafts are slim and lightweight. The tops are permanantly attached. These are available in short and medium lengths...

GLD Diamond Tips

$1.98 msrp $2.58 Save 23%

These Diamond 2BA tips have a cone shaped base for extra strength. They are black only and come in bags of 100 tips.

GLD Spinster Replacement Tops

$2.22 msrp $2.64 Save 15%

These are replacement tops for Spinster Aluminum shafts. They are sold in sets of 3.

GLD Stem Rings

$3.25 msrp $4.95 Save 34%

Metal stem rings are beneficial in holding your flights in place if you use nylon shafts. Sold in 5 sets of 3.

GLD Square Stone Sharpener

$1.49 msrp $1.79 Save 16%

The square shaped stone is an easy fix for dull steel tips. Just roll and sand the tip all the way around for a sharp accurate tip.

GLD Keyring Stone Sharpener

$3.74 msrp $4.39 Save 14%

It does not get any easier than this keyring stone sharpener. Always have your steel tips in top shape with this handy key ring.

GLD Rosin Bag

$2.58 msrp $3.29 Save 21%

The Darter rosin bag is great for keeping a consistent grip on your darts. If you have dry slippery hands or clammy sticky hands this rosin takes care...

GLD Hockey Pushers

$8.40 msrp $10.50 Save 20%

The GLD Hockey Pushers are sold in a two pack.

GLD Table Hockey Pucks

$2.68 msrp $3.35 Save 20%

The GLD Hockey pucks are sold in sets of two. Its always a good idea to have extra pucks on hand.

GLD Viper Defender II Dartboard Surround

$39.99 msrp $49.99 Save 20%

Finally a wall protector that holds your darts. The Defender II Dartboard Surround is constructed of 1" thick high density V-Foam and fits any standard 18" bristle dartboard. The Defender II...

GLD Viper Defender Dartboard Surround

$31.99 msrp $39.99 Save 20%

The Defender Dartboard surround is constructed of 1" thick high-density V-foam and fits any standard 18" bristle dartboard. The surround...