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Viper Comix Steel Tip Sets

22-1501-22 Ka-Boom
22-1502 Bam
22-1503-22 Pow
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The Comix Steel Tip Sets are all about having a little fun. The bright colored barrels are coated brass with custom knurling. Each barrel is weighted and balanced. The shafts are aluminum and each flight matches the painted barrel. Included is a dart tool. These weigh in at 22 grams each.

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Totally Recommend Viper Comic darts they have a great trip & your shooting accuracy will improve also flights actually stay on! Great Price Great Darts

Reviewed on 02/22/2021
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flights don't hold up well, don't fly consistenly. not bad for starter darts.

These darts are OK. My biggest complaint is that the flights that come with the dart are pretty flimsy. They split after about 4 rounds. The barrel feels big in diameter which made them feel a little odd when thrown. I think this contributed to the inconsistent flight. All in all there is not much difference between these and similar cheaper darts you can find every where.

Reviewed on 12/24/2010
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