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Shot! Zen Roshi Soft Tip Dart Set

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Slice swiftly and silently through the air with Roshi’s 90% tungsten barrels. This sleek, front weighted dart set features a zen-like simplicity and is shielded by a black titanium coating just a few microns thick. Earn respect by achieving pure mastery. This barrel starts with micro rings on the nose for reliable finger placement or reference. Followed by a trusty mix of positive ring and scallop grips applied along the entire length of the barrel. The push points sit at the front and again just behind center, making this a very versatile dart set as it will suit a variety of playing styles. Coated in sleek Black Titanium for added durability and good looks.

Flights 100 micron
Barrel 90% Tungsten
Shafts Eagle Claw Dart Shafts
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