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Shot! Zen Jutsu Steel Tip Darts

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Jutsu will perfect the technique of striking swiftly and accurately with its ultra front weighted, torpedo silhouette and combo of ring grips - with a bite. Jutsu is your rock-solid guide to self-defense, as you sharpen your edge and improve with every game. Jutsu is designed to meet the need of players who throw from the very front of a dart barrel. Just behind this dart’s nose is a very focussed grip; it’s also where the push point sits. Front dart throwers can take their fingers up to the very tip, and still get a very controlled throw and the increased grip will aid this. Wide rings make up the remainder of the Jutsu dart design; the hard-wearing square grooves placed just inside each ring provide the 4/5 grip level and an assured “bite”. Zen Jutsu can be thrown from the back or centre also, for those who prefer a heavy front weighted dart.


Thread 2BA
Grip Level 4/5
Featured Grip Ring Grip
Balance Front Weighted
Barrel 80% Tungsten
Flights Zen Jutsu Flights-Small Standard
Shape Torpedo
Shafts Black Aluminium Anodised Pyramid Inbetween Shafts
Darts Set of 3
Points Standard 35mm Point
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