Shot! Viking Shield-Maiden Steel Tip Dart Set |

Shot! Viking Shield-Maiden Steel Tip Dart Set

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The Viking Shield-Maiden never backs down from a challenge to defend her tribe. This versatile 90% Tungsten front-weighted dart is a spear for those who want to improve their skills and sharpen their eye. The radial shaped no-slip ringed grip nose allows for excellent grouping and high score potential with a fixed reference point. The midsection of the barrel features the mighty Viking Siege interlocking grip. The ring gripped straight tail is suitable for those who use a rear grip.


Barrell 90% Tungsten
Threads 2BA
Balance Front Weighted
Flights Custom Viking Shield-Maiden 100 Micron Small Standard Flights
Featured Grip Siege, Ringed Grip
Grip Level 3/5
Shape Front Loaded
Shafts Eagle Claw - Two Tone- Blue Black-between
Darts Set of 3
Points Viking 35mm Engraved Steel Point
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I really like these darts. They are nice to throw

Reviewed on 03/05/2021
Hampton Roads
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