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Shot! Viking Drakkar Soft Tip

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The Viking Drakkar By Shot! is a back weighted dart forged in at 90% tungsten. a stealthy tapered nose for excellent grouping and balance, with the bronze-age might of the Siege interlocking 4/5 grip in the hold, followed by the rear axial cut shark fin at its stern. Drakkar is a precision milled compact barrel for those who demand a rear balance dart. To last the journey, it’s treated with a unique, super-durable hi-tech particle coating, and finished in the deep blue of open waters. Take the helm and sail to glory.


Barrel 90% Tungsten
Grip Level 3/5
Threads 2BA
Featured Grip Siege, Shark Fin
Flights Custom Viking Drakkar 100 Micron Small Standard Flights
Balance Rear Weighted
Shape Carrot Shape
Shafts Eagle Claw - Black In-between
Darts Set of 3
Points Premium Black lippoint
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