Shot! Birds of Prey-Falcon Soft Tip Dart Set |

Shot! Birds of Prey-Falcon Soft Tip Dart Set

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The Birds of Prey-Falcon bring the same deadly accuracy, stealth and speed to the game as it’s great winged hunter. Featuring Shots! new Hi-tech particle coating technology for rich, highly reflective colors and unbeatable wear ability. This fine coating is only microns thick and reflects the base sheen of the tungsten. Falcon is adorned with the deep, glossy blue-black of wings in flight - to take down your prey at high speeds.

Balance Front Weighted
Grip Level 4/5
Flights Falcon 100 Micron Small Std Flights
Barrell 90% Tungsten
Threading 2BA
Featured Grip Ring Grip, Pyramid Grip
Shape Missile
Shafts Eagle Claw - Clear Black In-between
Darts Set of 3
Points Premium Lippoint
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Customer Reviews


BOP- Falcons

These are some nice darts! While they don’t have a detent nor a raised knurl for your fingers, they do have a taper to them. They get larger quickly towards the front (and you can feel it). They have aggressive cuts that are very grippy and look great. Very refined and nice looking as well! It says these darts came in at 19.45 grams. Maybe that’s just for the barrels as the package said 21 grams. They have a little weight and I can tell compared to my other other slightly lighter darts. They throw nicely and land with a nice solid satisfying ‘thud’ in the board. I like them very much and would recommend them.

Reviewed on 02/19/2021
Wa state
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