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Harley Davidson Black Lightning Steel Tip Darts

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The Harley Davidson Black Lighting steel tip darts have black coated barrels with an aluminum shaft. The Harley logo is printed on the center of the barrel. This set includes a pocket carry case.


Weight 23 grams
Shafts Aluminum
Barrels Black Coated with Harley Davidson printed logo
Included Pocket Carry Case
MSRP $14.99  You Save: 10.0%

1 Review

Customer Reviews


Very good darts for the money!

I am impressed with the performance, it has definitely helped my game. The weight at 23 grams is ideal. The quality is very good for darts under $20. They are an excellent value! My only regret was not ordering extra flights when I made my purchase.

I ordered on a Thursday and I received the darts on the following Monday! From Seattle to Hampton NH, AMAZING!

Reviewed on 04/01/2017
New Hampshire
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