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GLD Commercial Steel Bar Darts

$3.99 msrp $4.49 Save 11%

These commercial Bar darts have a one piece 1/4 inch molded flight and shaft. The barrels are knurled brass. This is an economical and...

1 Review

Fat Cat Highlander Steel Tip set

$4.99 msrp $7.99 Save 37%

The highlander is a bar dart set with better balance and a stronger one piece shaft-flight combination. The barrel is knurled brass plated steel...

1 Review

Dart World Soft Tip Bar Darts

$5.99 msrp $6.99 Save 14%

These soft tip bar darts are made with a brass barrel & molded durable plastic flight/shaft combo. They use 1/4 in soft tips.

2 Reviews

Fat Cat Highlander Soft Tip Set

$4.99 msrp $7.99 Save 37%

If you are looking for a more reliable and durable bar dart look at the Highlander. The highlander soft tip is a quality bar dart with a one...

1 Review

Dart World Steel Tip Bar Darts

$5.49 msrp $8.99 Save 38%

These durable bar darts have a brass barrel with a molded durable plastic shaft/flight combo. These sets are approximately 23 grams & come in assorted colors.

3 Reviews

GLD Commercial Replacement Flights

msrp $9.99 Discontinued

These are combination shaft and flight replacements for GLD Commercial bar darts. Sold in lots of 100 and available in 4 different colors.

  • 1-6 of 6 Results