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Viper Chroma Sisal Dartboard

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The Viper Chroma Sisal Dartboard is constructed from compressed sisal fibers. Giving new life to your dartboard, as the sisal “remembers” their original shape. What sets the Chroma apart from other dartboards is the high definition color printing in all new shades of blue and green. This unique color scheme is a first in dartboards of this quality, featuring real sisal fibers. The Chroma features a 100% staple-free bullseye. The Chroma also features galvanized triangular spider wire. This gives the spider great durability and strength to last the life of the board. These wires are triangularly shaped, further reducing your chance of a bounce-out. The Chroma also features a movable number ring, significantly extending its life!

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2 Reviews

Customer Reviews


Great board for my color-blind eyes, but...

I'm red/green color-blind and find this high contrast color combination to be an answer to prayer. However, after only 3 months the board looks "dirty" and discolored in heavy use areas. LOTS of bounce outs, too.

Reviewed on 07/28/2021
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Nice dart board

I am very happy with this dartboard. I really like the blue and green colors but the numbers are hard to read with the Viper logo under them.

Reviewed on 02/06/2021
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