Vector Rust Stained Wood Dartboard Cabinet |

Vector Rust Stained Wood Dartboard Cabinet

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The Vector Rust stained Wood Cabinets is a great addition to your game room. The Vector Cabinet is a Rust stain & made with solid wood. The sides, doors, top and bottom are 3/4 inches thick. This cabinet comes with two scoreboards on each side. Two scoreboards are included on each arm of the cabinet.

Internal Dimensions 24"W x 24"H x 3.25" D
Scoring Chalk Boards on Each Side
Dimensions 26"W x 25.5"H x 4.25"D
Dimensions Doors Open 51.25"W x 25.5"H x 3.5"D
Features Power/Data Cord Bottom Access
Construction Solid Wood Sides, Doors, Bottom
Darts Dart Holders on Each Side
MSRP $179.00  You Save: 44.1%