Unicorn Eclipse HD

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The Unicorn Eclipse HD is a high definition professional dart board with a patent pending seamless playing surface for higher scoring. The Eclipse also has a high definition 20/20 white digital number ring and high definition white spider. Polished off with a high definition stable free white bullseye.
Board Sisal
Spider HD white spider
Dimensions Regulation 18.1" Diameter x 2" depth
Number ring HD 20/20 White moveable ring
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2 Reviews

Customer Reviews


Photos barely do it justice! Beautiful board!

I bought 3 of these for Christmas gifts and ended up giving one at Thanksgiving so we could play! It's like day and night for visibility, no wonder they picked these for broadcast TV! Our little group is 30-65 yrs old and everybody can see this board well, even make close calls from a distance and be right! Wires are barely even there, though the separation is crystal clear and NO STAPLES! Haven't had a bounce-out yet! Amazing how much room there is in the Bull, Doubles, and Triples, when you take out the staples! Hi-Viz without resorting to glowing colors or gimmicks, true HD dartboard! Couldn't be happier!

Reviewed on 12/09/2015
Channel Islands Harbor, CA
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Retired Rescue worker

I could see right off this was the board I wanted...bright & clear, & obviously well made. My last bristle board was yellowish, & it kept getting darker.. Very disappointing. I'm happy to see that dartboards have come a long way. This Unicorn is easy to see, & if you put a light on the board...well, I'll be 63 this year, and even I can see it clearly. If I ever need another dart board, I'll be looking for a Unicorn Bristle board. I don't like electric dart boards. Nope, I like steel tips darts...no batteries required.

I had a problem with square cut dart shafts, too. If your 2nd, or 3rd shot comes too close to one of your previous shots, it could stick into the shaft, & just trash it. I found some shafts that have cut outs, so your flight slides in from the side. The back end comes to a point. So, no more Robin Hood shots, & no more trashed shafts. I'll be keeping my eyes on Unicorn Products to see what they come out with next...maybe a Unicorn Branded, or carved Board Cabinet, or weighted Carbon Fiber Dart sets. A one piece dart would be nice, with interchangeable flights. We'll see! Thanks, Darts.Com for carrying quality products @ a discount price. Very cool. Joe S

Reviewed on 04/27/2016
South Fl (East Coast)
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