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DMI Darts Bandit Pro Staple Free Bristle Dart Board

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The bandit is one of the most popular Bristle boards on the market.The super thin wires are interlocking steel bands imbedded in to the bristles which result in a scoring surface that is 10% larger than most boards.

Board World cup quality Sisal fibers
Spider Interlocking razor wires
Dimensions Regulation 18 inch diameter and 1.5 inch depth
Wires Powder coated numbers for greater visibility
Outer Edge Steel band increase strength and durability
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Customer Reviews


Great Dart Board!

This board takes darts like a champ! Bought this about a year ago and it is about time for a review...

From what I remember it comes with several ways to mount the board to the wall. Circular, traditional slip on top of screw, and maybe another. I mounted with the circular attachment because it makes it easier to rotate the board to even out the wear. I am throwing at this board for about two hours a night, three to four nights a week. I just rotated the board two weeks ago.

I've had maybe four bounce outs within one year of play on this board due to the razor thin spider. Amazing! When you pull your darts from the board after scoring, there is no telling that the darts were even thrown there. Nice!

This board is kept in my basement but I will soon be purchasing another to be mounted in a cabinet on the main floor of our house.

Buy it! You will not be disappointed!

Reviewed on 03/08/2018
Portland, OR
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Love the board!

I did a lot of reading prior to my purchase and this board was highly recommended by well practiced dart throwers so I pulled the trigger! It is exactly what I expected, high quality for a great price.

Reviewed on 11/16/2015
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I have only played a few games so far but the board is very nice. Darts stick very well and I like the built in dividers, they are much nicer then the old stapled on web. Also white section numbers stick out much better the chrome numbers.

Reviewed on 09/17/2015
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Great board at a great price

Best board I have ever had at a stellar price, thanks.

Reviewed on 08/13/2015
Murrieta, CA
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The most precise board I've ever chucked at!

I've wanted to throw at this board since the first time I saw one. The price was prohibitive then, so I was thrilled to recently find this board on at a lower price than most standard bristle boards at our local sporting goods stores!

The precision of The Bandit is impeccable, from the measurements to the stenciling to the outer edge cover which holds the number ring in place and will make board rotation easier than any board I've ever used. Two mount brackets are included: a traditional steel and a new hard plastic (nylon?) bracket designed for smoother rotation. The powder-coat number ring is bright white and so easy to read, and even the bent-wire numbers are more precise than any I've seen. The light areas of the board are brighter than most, increasing optical contrast even in lower-light conditions.

The only drawback to The Bandit that I can find is that the bristles seem to be packed a touch looser than most boards I've used. This is most likely due to differences in the manufacturing process over more traditional boards where the spider is stapled on after the board is assembled. This may result in a slightly lower life-expectancy, only time will tell. That said, I would buy this board again in a heartbeat for the pleasure of playing on such a precise surface.

I've tried every board imaginable in my 40+ years at darts, and even the ones that employ anti-bound out technologies bound out all to frequently. In several weeks on The Bandit however, myself, my team mates and my opponents have not endured a single one.

Reviewed on 01/17/2015
Todd Wayne
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