Dartboards Cabinets

In our Cabinets section you will find cabinets for your fiber dartboards and complete cabinet-dartboard sets for electronic and fiber boards.

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Harley Davidson Bar and Sheild Darts Kit

$191.96 msrp $239.95 Save 20% plus FREE shipping

This is a complete Harley Davidson Dart kit that includes everything you need in a stylish cabinet. The cabinet...

Viper Arched Oak Cabinet

$108.46 msrp $129.99 Save 16% plus FREE shipping

Made of Solid Oak the Arched Dart Cabinet is available in 2 popular stain colors, Mahogany or Cinnamon. This cabinet is large...

Viper Metropolitan Dart Cabinet

$149.34 msrp $179.99 Save 17% plus FREE shipping

The Metropolitan Dart Cabinet is made with high quality Pine wood and is available in 3 stain colors. The hinges on all 3 doors...

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DMI Darts Cherry Cabinet Set with Electronic Scoring

$89.00 msrp $129.00 Save 31% plus FREE shipping

This Cherry Cabinet set includes an official size dartboard, Electronic scorer and a chalkboard scorer all in one...

DMI Darts Oak Finish Dart Board Set

$79.00 msrp $109.00 Save 27% plus FREE shipping

The Oak finish Set has everything you need to start playing darts. The oak finish cabinet has 2 doors that open...

Harley Davidson Bar and Shield Wood Cabinet

$119.96 msrp $149.95 Save 20% plus FREE shipping

The Bar and Shields cabinet is made of clear western pine with a traditional stain. It includes 2 dry erase...

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Budweiser Label Darts Kit- 99195

$194.00 msrp $239.95 Save 19% plus FREE shipping

The Budweiser Label Darts Kit is a complete dart set with everything you need to set up and throw darts. Included in the set...

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Dart World Bulldog Cabinet

$103.96 msrp $129.95 Save 20% plus FREE shipping

Give your game room a nice pub feel with this dart cabinet. Accommodates both bristle dartboards & some small electronic dartboards. This cabinet comes with a chalk scoreboard & out chart, as well as dart holders. This is the cabinet only & does not come with a dartboard or darts.