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Arachnid Cricket Pro 750 Talking Electronic Game

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The Cricket Pro 750 Electronic Dart Board has 7 different Cricket games and scoring for 4 players shown simultaneously. It has a unique voice record feature that allows it to call out your recorded name when it is your turn to play. Packed with features and tournament quality make this a popular choice for the serious player.

Scoring 8 player scoring with 4 players simultaneously
Board Tournament Spider in regulation colors and size 15.5 inch
Dimensions 21 inch width, 2 inch depth, 29 inch height
Shipping Free*
Games 5 Cricket games and 31 other game options
Additional items Mounting hardware, AC Adapter, Operating manual
Dividers Micro thin dividers reduce bounce-outs
Included 6 soft tip darts and extra tips
Audio Voice record feature
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5 Reviews

Customer Reviews


Great home entertainment

Just started playing darts and decided it would be fun to have my own game. Put it up in our extended garage, with square stick up corkboard around it. We have been playing and our neighbors are excited to play as well. This will allow for good practice time before my dart league matches. The only problem is some of the darts don't stick in the board. Not sure if it is the dart tips, my throwing, or something else. We have tried a few of the different games on the board. A good time!

Reviewed on 03/26/2018
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Great Fun

This board has a lot of nice features such as lots of games and easy to read game tracking however the voice and sound quality is very close to terrible,

Aside from that the customer service was great and the product even though it needs improvement is very enjoyable.

I will order again but a different board.

Reviewed on 09/17/2016
Seattle, WA
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A good dartboard purchase

My wife and I were looking for a nice dartboard, that would not break easily when it gets used often. Also, it needed to keep score and can be easily seen during game play. We have played a lot since it arrived and I can't tell you how much we like it. It has done everything we have wanted. Too. bad it cost a lot more than planned. If you want a board to learn the game to, it is worth the money.

Reviewed on 02/23/2016
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Entertainment for all with quality of a premium board

I use it for a practice board for a dart league this will be my fourth one . First time for this brand .

the others were lesser quality and price.


anybody can operate the board there are a lot of games and for any level of age . It is

Easy to install just follow the instructions . We have used it for about 3 weeks now an like the performance of it so far .


It is loud on the wall when the darts the board ,, other than that

I would recommend it to everyone

Reviewed on 02/04/2016
All most hit it .
Greensburg in.
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Arachnid Cricket Pro 750 Dartboard is an awesome home practice board!

Vision of four players scores is great for having friends over to play for both 01 games and also cricket. The cricket scoring with different colors for 1, 2 or 3 marks per number takes a little bit of getting used to but is useful in keeping track of opposing players marks.

I frequently play the computer to practice and although I would like to consider myself somewhat advanced, even on the Medium setting I find it to be quite challenging. (It will throw low and high tons as well as 7, 8 and 9 marks against me... :(

Reviewed on 11/16/2015
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