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Arachnid Cricket Pro 670

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The Cricket Pro 670 looks, plays and operates just like the commercial Electronic Dartboards you use in tournament and league play. It has 6 cricket games with 29 additional games and the scoring area is regulation size and colors. The LED scoring is for up to 8 players and also has detailed cricket scoring.

Scoring 8 player scoring display
Board Tournament Spider in regulation colors and size 15.5 inch
Dimensions 21 inch width, 2 inch depth, 29 inch height
Shipping Free*
Games 6 Cricket games and 29 other game options
Additional items Mounting hardware, AC Adapter, Operating manual
Dividers Micro thin dividers reduce bounce-outs
Included 6 soft tip darts and extra tips
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Customer Reviews


Nicest board I've owned , first Arachnid, not the last.

Trouble free after owning just over one year playing 6 - 12 hours a week and using a variety of dart weights from 17g - just over 20g.

Best board I've owned and love it.

I do get some bounce outs but believe that is more an operator error more than a board issue.

All segments plus the double score bullseye work well.

The electronic score and led s are flawless to date.

I would buy this board again and recommend it .

Also a shout out to for the excellent service. Did not question a problem I had & made good instantly. Thank you!

Reviewed on 01/26/2022
Cheyenne, Wyo
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