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Dart World Soft Tip Bar Darts

$4.79 msrp $5.99 Save 20%

These soft tip bar darts are made with a brass barrel & molded durable plastic flight/shaft combo. They use 1/4 in soft tips.

Dart World Bulldog Brass Steel Tip

$9.59 msrp $15.30 Save 37%

This set is perfect for a beginners set of house darts for both the pub and home use. Made of solid brass, this economical has matching flights & shafts. Included with this set is a nice vinyl wallet to store this set. Available in 20 gr, 23 gr, or 26 gr.

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Dart World Steel Tip Bar Darts

$5.59 msrp $6.99 Save 20%

These durable bar darts have a brass barrel with a molded durable plastic shaft/flight combo. These sets are approximately 23 grams & come in assorted colors.

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Dart World Alien Dartboard

$69.00 msrp $79.99 Save 13% plus FREE shipping

This vibrant board has staple free wires and bulls-eye. With embedded blade dividers, your bounce outs will be minimal. The Alien uses razor thin wire technology & is World Dart Federation approved.

Dart World Throwlines

$7.59 msrp $9.49 Save 20%

Made of durable material with a reverse silk screen process that prevents the constant wear of players stepping on it. Available in 3 different designs. Outchart, Alien, & Firing line.

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Dart World Bulldog Cabinet

$103.96 msrp $129.95 Save 20% plus FREE shipping

Give your game room a nice pub feel with this dart cabinet. Accommodates both bristle dartboards & some small electronic dartboards. This cabinet comes with a chalk scoreboard & out chart, as well as dart holders. This is the cabinet only & does not come with a dartboard or darts.

Dart World Shot Saver Dartboard

$48.00 msrp $75.90 Save 36%

The Shot Saver bristle dartboards are made of millions of sisal fibers, for self healing durability, and have a network of steel wires to separate the numbers. The premium dartboard is made for the serious player and holds up to heavy league and tavern use.

Dart World Bar Dart Replacement Barrels

$3.19 msrp $3.99 Save 20%

Replacement barrels for bar darts. Fits only 1/4" tips & 1/4" Bar flights. Sold in sets of 3

Dart World Replacement Sleeves

msrp $1.99 Discontinued

Used for our Zombie steel tip set and our Gecko Grip soft tip set, these replacement sleeves come in a set of 3 and are available in 4 colors.

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