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Rules of Play-301/501

The game is 301/501 Any In-Any Out. The Bull’s Eye will count 50 points.

All players start with 301/501 points and attempt to reach zero. If a player scores more than the total required to reach zero, the player “busts” and the score returns to the score that was existing at the start of the turn.

When a player reaches zero, the game is over. The winning team is the team with the lowest combined score (both team members). If the game score ends in a tie, the player/team that reaches zero wins. If a player reaches zero when they are “blocked” or “frozen”, they will not be credited with any individual feats (4RO, 6DO, etc./5RO, 9DO, etc.), and the win will be credited to the opposing team as a team win only.

*Information provided by NDA

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