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Viper Magnedart Holsters

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The ALL NEW innovation in dartboard accessories is now the best way to store your darts near you dart board: the Viper Magnedart Holsters. These DURABLE Polyshield Foam Holsters SNAP directly to the metal band of your Sisal or Bristle dart boards to complete the extended profile for an EXCLUSIVE look. No tools are required for installation, as the holsters are hold tight with MAGNETIC POWER. The Magnedart Holsters have enough space to hold SIX darts, which is two complete sets!

Convenience Keep your darts close at hand and always near your board with the unmatched ease
Installation Easy. No tools required for a quick setup, just attached the holsters to the board with magnetic power
Capacity With enough space for three darts in each holster, you can keep two complete sets ready for play
Enhanced Board Profile Complete the look of your board by extending its profile and imparting a new, unique shape
Construction Polyshield Foam imbues the Magnedart Holsters with resilient durability that stands up to heavy use
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