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Viper Laser Throw Line

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No need to damage your floor with stickers or tape. The Viper Laser Dart Line accurately marks your throw-line and disappears with a flick of the switch. This laser throw line lets you digitally find where to throw your darts. Works for steel and soft tip boards

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The Viper laser oche is fantastic

I bought this one for a friend because I really like mine. The batteries seem to last forever. It’s super easy to use and reliable. The only down side is the initial set up adjustment requires a bit of patience. The adjusting laser arm is about 3/4” long and you’re projecting a 9 foot beam, so it’s very sensitive. Once you get the line correct, you’re set for good; totally worth a few fussy minutes. I’ve never had to touch mine and it’s still spot on.

Reviewed on 03/05/2021
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Christophe “The Polish Precisionist Korzinski

Why even bother with tape?!!! This is the best thing for a line ever. Bought a GLD backboard, and drilled this beauty on the bottom of the wood frame of it. Looks fantastic and the wife will never complain about her precious floor being ruined with ugly throw lines! Worth every penny. Just remember to spend about a good 10 minutes with patience. Because you have to screw the two side screws on each end of the laser to tighten it down and prevent it from moving which can be a bit of a pain as the line moves slightly! Other than that, 5 stars all the way

Reviewed on 12/31/2017
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