Accessories Throw Lines

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Harley Davidson Throw Lines

$10.00 msrp $11.99 Save 16%

These Officially Licensed throw lines from Harley-Davidson are available in 2 styles. The Bar and Shield with flames...

Dart World Throwlines

$7.59 msrp $9.49 Save 20%

Made of durable material with a reverse silk screen process that prevents the constant wear of players stepping on it. Available in 3 different designs. Outchart, Alien, & Firing line.

Budweiser Throw Line

$7.99 msrp $9.99 Save 20%

This is a quality Throw line from Budweiser that uses a reverse screen print below the top surface for extra durability. It measures 4 inches by 23 inches.

GLD The Bull Starts Here

$5.14 msrp $6.29 Save 18%

The Bull Starts Here throw line is the standard for tournament throw lines. Durable and thick, this line measures 22 inches wide by 3.5 inches deep.

Viper Padded Vinyl Dart Mat

$74.95 msrp $95.99 Save 21% plus FREE shipping

This Padded Vinyl Mat helps protect your floors from the traffic while playing darts. It includes soft and steel tip throw...

Viper Laser Throw Line

$19.95 msrp $26.26 Save 24%

No need to damage your floor with stickers or tape. The Viper Laser Dart Line accurately marks your throw-line and disappears with a flick of the switch. This laser throw line lets you digitally find where to throw your darts. Works for steel and soft tip boards