Shot! Series Dart Flights-Slim |

Shot! Series Dart Flights-Slim

Tribal Weapon 4 Slim
Odin's Spear Black Slim
Viking Sheild-Maiden Slim
Totem 3 Slim
Tribal Weapon 3 Slim
Raven Blue Slim
Tribal Weapon 5 Slim
Warrior Rutene Slim
Wild Frontier Trapper Slim
Wild Frontier Trailblazer Slim
Red Armour
Wild Frontier Trailblazer-Blue Star
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The Shot! Series flights-Slim will match up with the different lines of Shot! Darts available on Now you’re able to buy your favorite set of Shot! Darts along with the matching flights. These are 100 Micron flights sold in a single sets of 3. Great designs, great quality!

Sold in a single set of 3.

MSRP $1.80  You Save: -316.7%