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GLD Soft Tip Add-A-Gram

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These Add-A-Gram screw in weights are an easy way to add weight to your soft tip darts. Just screw in to your existing barrel and the tip attaches to the other end. These weights weigh 2 grams each and are available in nickel and brass.

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Add a gram

These are helpful if one wants to lengthen their darts while adding slight weight. For fun I bought some bumble bee or Termite very small/light darts and they sometimes would bounce out/not stick in the board. Plus they were so short your fingers would be touching the flight. These helped with both issues. One can add more of these Add A Grams as they screw into each other. They’re inexpensive so you can experiment as much as you want!

Reviewed on 02/19/2021
Wa state
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