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Viper 150 Micron Flights

$8.99 msrp $14.95 Save 39%

The Viper 150 flights are extremely durable and available in standard and slim profiles. At 150 microns thick these are some of the toughest flights...

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Dimplex Flights

$6.25 msrp $8.95 Save 30%

Named from the dimples covering these flights, Dimplex flights are a durable flight,essential for any practicing dart player. Sold in five sets of three

Condor Zero Stress Flight System

$8.99 msrp $11.99 Save 25%

The Condor Flight system is a simple 2 in 1 integrated design that provides a worry and stress free setup. The shaft section showcases...

Cosmo Darts Fit Flight® AIR Flights

$7.50 msrp $9.00 Save 16%

The Fit Flight AIR dart flight by Cosmo Darts is approximately 35% thinner and 33% less weight than the Original Fit Flight. Despite...

Cosmo Darts Fit Flight® Original Flights

$6.79 msrp $8.99 Save 24%

The Original flights by Fit Flight are Highly durable molded flights that reduce deflections and maintain consistency in the air. The rigid material...

Target Shard Ultra Chrome Flights

$7.99 msrp $9.50 Save 15%

The Target Shard come in 7 different colors. These flights are 100 Microns thick and are a flight Shape No.2 All Flights Sold in 3 sets of 5.

Harrows Retina Flights

$7.95 msrp $9.95 Save 20%

The Retina 100 micron flight is a unique fusion of a high definition central display with a tough outer performance laminate. The central display…

Harrows Atomic Flights

$7.95 msrp $9.95 Save 20%

Atomic flights are constructed using the latest hexagonal molecular structure. This creates a state of the art 100 micron flight with ultimate…

Shot! Series Dart Flights

$7.50 msrp $9.00 Save 16%

The Shot! Series flights will match up with the different lines of Shot! Darts available on Now you’re able to buy your favorite set…

L-Style Champagne Flights

$7.49 msrp $8.50 Save 11%

The L-Style Champagne Flights are made of a soft and flexible nylon with no lamination for long durability. These flights weigh the same as a standard flight and have a perfect 90 degree…

Target Voltage Dart Flight

$7.99 msrp $9.50 Save 15%

The Voltage Vision 100 Micron Ultra flights feature a spot UV print to enhance flight to shaft grip. This bold eye-catching design was inspired by…

Harrows Predator Dart Flights

$7.95 msrp $9.95 Save 20%

The Harrows Predator flight range features a unique UV performance laminate combined with a tough, 100 micron, translucent membrane to offer…

Robson Plus Dart Flight

$6.80 msrp $8.50 Save 20%

These flights offer the advantages of a pre-molded plastic flight with out the need for a proprietary shaft. By maintaining the 90 degree angle…

Harrows Sonic Dart Flights

$7.95 msrp $9.95 Save 20%

Produced using a 100 micron, metallic laminate coupled with state of the art print techniques, to offer a tough but contemporary product....

Pentathlon Silver Edge Dart Flights

$7.95 msrp $9.95 Save 20%

Pentathlon flights are well known for their durability and design. These durable flights in various colors, shapes and sizes are all 100 microns thick.

Harrows Velos Dart Flights

$7.95 msrp $9.95 Save 20%

Tapered front wings, decreased wingspan and extended wing tips all contribute to creating the unique Velos shape. However, they have an equally…

Target Vision Ultra Dart Flight

$6.50 msrp $8.00 Save 18%

Target Vision Ultra flights feature a spot UV print to enhance flight to shaft grip. The new standard… 15% smaller than a No6 and 25% smaller than a No2....

Harrows Prime Dart Flights

$7.95 msrp $9.95 Save 20%

Harrows Prime flights combine advanced UV print technology with a tough, 100 micron, laminate to offer ultra-modern visual appeal and increased strength....

  • 1-20 of 20 Results