Cosmo Darts Fit Flight® Carbon Spinning Shafts |

Cosmo Darts Fit Flight® Carbon Spinning Shafts

MD 31mm Slim Spin
INB 28.5mm Slim Spin
SH 24mm Slim Spin
MD 31mm Hybrid Spin
INB 28.5mm Hybrid Spin
SH 24mm Hybrid Spin
MD 31mm Standard Spin
INB 28.5mm Standard Spin
SH 24mm Standard Spin
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The Fit Flight Carbon Spinning Shafts by Cosmo darts are a game changer. These shafts are made of Carbon and are lightweight, strong and rigid. These are available in three different styles and sizes Standard, Slim or Hybrid & Medium, In-between or Short. Cosmo Darts has created a lightweight shaft with high stiffness & strength that is built with reinforced plastic resin and high-strength carbon fibers.

It’s now easier to tell between locked and spinning. Spinning shafts have a rounded top and Locked shafts have a flat top. Also, the top of the locked shaft is now in a matte finish.

Includes 4 2BA Carbon Shafts and 8 O-rings. ONLY WORKS WITH FIT FLIGHT FLIGHTS

Styles Standard, Slim and Hybrid Options
Medium (MD) 31mm
Short (SH) 24mm
Includes Qty 4, 2ba Carbon Shafts and 8 O rings
In Between (INB) 28.5mm
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