Condor Zero Stress Flight System |

Condor Zero Stress Flight System

Smoke Long 33.5mm
Smoke Medium 27.5mm
Smoke Short 21.5mm
White Long 33.5mm
White Medium 27.5mm
White Short 21.5mm
Black Long 33.5mm
Black Medium 27.5mm
Black Short 21.5mm
Smoke Slim Long 33.5mm
Smoke Slim Medium 27.5mm
Smoke Slim Short 21.5mm
Green Slim Long 33.5mm
Green Slim Medium 27.5mm
Green Slim Short 21.5mm
Black Slim Short 21.5mm
Black Slim Medium 27.5mm
Black Slim Long 33.5mm
White Slim Long 33.5mm
White Slim Medium 27.5mm
White Slim Short 21.5mm
Purple Short 21.5mm
Purple Medium 27.5mm
Purple Long 33.5mm
Pink Short 21.5mm
Pink Medium 27.5mm
Pink Long 33.5mm
Pink Slim Long 33.5mm
Pink Slim Medium 27.5mm
Pink Slim Short 21.5mm
Purple Slim Long 33.5mm
Purple Slim Medium 27.5mm
Purple Slim Short 21.5mm
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The Condor Flight system is a simple 2 in 1 integrated design that provides a worry and stress free setup. The shaft section showcases the unique “Condor Cut” design that greatly reduces and keeps air resistance to a minimum. Air buoyancy is slightly increased with the Condor Cut and therefore it is advised to use a slighter lighter throw for maximum performance. The material is a soft-flexible material that eliminates looseness around the barrel section to provide a tight fit. The soft material also allows for a smoother and easier groupings. Test by Japanese professional players over a 100 throw process the Condor increased bull accuracy by 4.76%. We recommended you use rubber O-rings with these to prevent over tightening. All Flights Sold in a set of 3

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