Arachnid Touch Pad 4 Player Display Scorer |

Arachnid Touch Pad 4 Player Display Scorer

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Touch pad electronic scoring makes scoring for your steel tip darts as easy as soft tip dart games. You simply touch the dartboard scorer and the score is registered. This scorer keeps score for 8 players and 4 players are displayed at one time. It has many additional features including solo play, player handicap features and single in/out, double in/out features. The scorer includes 24 games with 132 options including 5 cricket games. Game list; 301, 501, 601, 701, 801, 901, Gotcha!, Quick Cricket, Cricket, Shanghai, Cut Throat Cricket, Scram Cricket, Double Only, Cricket, All Fives, Double Down, Forty One, High Score, Ace, Killer, Count-up, Round the Clock, Shoot Out, Bermuda Triangle, and Over.

Dimensions 8 inches high, 18 inches wide, 1.25 inch deep
Power AC adapter or 4 AA batteries
Shipping *Free
Players 8 play scoring with 4 player display
Games 24 games
Included Mounting Hardware, Instructions, Operating manual, A/C adapter
Options Each game has multiple options 132 total options
Audio Voice player prompt
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