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$16.99   msrp $21.99   save 22%

The Freak Soft Tip dart set features the Spinster aluminum shafts that let the dart spin out of the way of incoming darts for tighter...

$4.79   msrp $5.99   save 20%

These soft tip bar darts are made with a brass barrel & molded durable plastic flight/shaft combo. They use 1/4 in soft tips.

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$17.20   msrp $20.99   save 18%

The Black Ice Dart Set features the popular black coated brass barrels. Available in 3 different colors with different weight options , this black coated beauty features.... .

$5.59   msrp $6.99   save 20%

The Harley Davidson Riders soft tip set is a great value in a sharp looking set. Harley Flights and brass barrels make this set look far more expensive than this low price.

$9.99   msrp $12.99   save 23%

This set has an all black coated and knurled barrels with the black nylon shafts. There are 2 sets of the Black Mariah slim flights and...

$7.99   msrp $11.99   save 33%

If you are looking for an excellent price on a soft tip set look no further. The Fat Cat Blazer set has rugged nickel plated steel barrels...

$49.99   msrp $64.99   save 23%

The new Diamond Soft tip Dart set was inspired by fine jewelry and gems. The barrels are 90% Tungsten with multiple crosscut engravings...

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$8.49   msrp $10.99   save 22%

The Super Bee may be small, but it is an extremely accurate dart with a knurled barrel for easy grip & throwing. These 16 gram darts come in 3 barrel options. Brass, Nickel-plated, or black coated brass.

$8.99   msrp $11.99   save 25%

The Copper soft tip set from Fat Cat has a regal look and design. The barrels are copper plated steel and matched nicely with the copper...

$63.99   msrp $69.99   save 8% plus FREE shipping

The Pitbull Tungsten soft tip set features 90% Tungsten barrels and the Yukon Spinster barrels. The barrels are thin with

$58.39   msrp $72.99   save 20% plus FREE shipping

The New V-Factor Soft Tip Set are uniquely built for high performance. The shafts are a short super strong polycarbonate opal. The barrels are...

$59.99   msrp $74.99   save 20% plus FREE shipping

Desperado sets are designed in four different styles with 80/20 tungsten barrels that are thin and sleek to allow very tight...

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